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Richard achieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University in May 2011. However his artistic expression has been ever present in his life. From the young age of 6 he rejected social norms, going about his own path with his pencil. After much frustration caused to his teachers by his unorthodox pencil grip, he formed a bond working on illustration. The designing of cars, replicating of cartoon characters to television realism, and use of this favorite athletes in Kids Sports Illustrated as figure drawing models, his drive for perfection, early design concepts and attention to detail were formed (with help from thousands of white paper bound at Kinkos). As years passed, the early general artistic concepts that were instilled in Richard as a boy found surface again, after a befit teenage hiatus, in the form of photography. As an image began to form in a HS darkroom in Hong Kong, SAR, China so did his future career.

The environment and hardships shaped his mind and refined his life and artistic concepts. During this period he was allowed the opportunity to work through new ideas and self motivated projects through course work centered on the Arts. In his spare time he was enthralled in computer manipulation, working countless hours learning Adobe Creative Suite. This led to a hobby of graphic design that fostered working T-Shirt designs for a fictional brand, creating mock advertisements for real brands and manipulation of typography. This hobby led Richard to the doors of F.I.T. in NYC for classes involving Fashion and then on to Syracuse University for a Design Degree with a major in Photography. His skills in the craft were finely tuned with several new techniques, instruments and mentors. This process of maturation through the arts has been of figment of his reality.

Rich currently resides in New York City working for a Public Speaking Firm as their in house do-it-all Creative. He enjoys his spare time by relaxing at home, going on trips with friends and most of all getting rough and tumble on the weekends playing competitive rugby. 

My Time

  • Graphic Design 52%

  • Photography 28%

  • Social Media/Web Management 14%

  • Video 6%